Work Packages

The overall objective of this project is to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative PhD graduates to investigate how sustainable (economically, socially and environmentally) ruminant livestock products can be developed through a pasture-based production system while complementing soil, sward, animal, environment and ultimately human health.

This ambition will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

1. To provide training to PhD candidates, through an innovative research training programme WP (Work Package) 1.

2. To design, implement and evaluate a soil, sward, and grazing farm management system (HeartLand Management Plan) aimed at maximising the positive impact on the environment, improving the nutritional and sensory quality of meat, and consequently improving human health using both component and systems research (WP2 and 3).

3. To assess societal requirements and preferences for sustainable food production and to upscale the findings of HeartLand to contribute to the sectoral development of sustainable production systems and land management (WP4).

4. To communicate, disseminate and exploit the findings of HeartLand to a broad range of stakeholders (including policy-makers, communicators, food producers/farmers and the general public) to enhance the innovation capacity of the partners involved, and to integrate new knowledge into the European agriculture and food sectors (WP5).

5. To effectively coordinate and manage all aspects of the project, in accordance with the EC grant agreement (WP6).

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